Bedhead by TIGI

Masterpiece Massive Shine Hairspray


Zoah O.
Best hairspray ever!!

I forgot my hairspray at home the day I had nutcracker but luckily my grandma had this at her office and it was by far the best product if hairspray I have ever used and I love it although the lid broke off because the lid popped off in my bag and it took forever to get back on that's the only bad thing I can say about it besides the fact that if you get to much it looks like you have dandruff.. If you're looking for a hairspray this one is the best!!!

Gabi F.
My favorite

I love this hairspray, it makes any style I do look perfect all day long. And it smells so good. I've used these products all of my life with my hair and they never fail me.

Eunice Q.

BedHead, thank you for always making all of your products smell good enough to eat! This is my absolute favorite hair spray because it isn't a firm hold spray. I would consider this more of a finishing spray. It provides a manageable finish, with shine. I recommend using this on loose curls, blow outs, and I think it's great for light weight teasing action, and for smoothing down pesky fly-away hairs. Overall, I love it and I think it's a great staple in every woman's hair product collection.

marcella e.
its good but not great

yes it hold my hair whole day, add shine, love the smell but somehow i cant get what i want. i want big volume hair, this one never works. is it the product or my hair is too thick and heavy, i dont know.

Krystle G.

my favorite hairspray, its very workable doesnt leave your hair crunchy, its also a shine spray, smells good, good hold, great for a finishing product. does not have the strongest hold for updos or bridal styles.

Jocelyne R.
The only hair spray I'll ever use!

I've been using this stuff for more than 6 years now, and I absolutely adore it! This hair spray holds so well all day and gives my hair a great shine. And it smells absolutely AMAZING!

Amanda C.

Masterpiece is a must have product! It is a AWESOME shine spray and it gives great hold! It is like a 2 in 1 deal! It holds curls and updos very well and gives a great touch of shine and smells amazing as well!