BECCA Cosmetics

Mattifying Primer


Asia B.

Lovvvve!!! I have true oily skin and this works perfectly for me. You have to spread it on your face quickly, but it lasts all day. So happy to have gotten this sample from sephora!

Katlyn E.
Great for oily skin, but doesn't spread well

Ok, so i picked up a sample of this at sephora because i wasn't sure which primer i wanted to go with and my sephora is an hour away so this way i can order online if i loved it or not. Well anyway... I used the Becca today and yesterday, although it is AMAZING for oily skin and stays matte all day long giving you that freshly applied look all hours of the day, i found that it didn't spread very well among the face. I found myself having to use more of this product than the normal pea sized that was recommended by the associate at the beauty counter. my other samples i hardly had to use the pea size at all. well... anyway its great for oily skin but i would imagine that this would be a product that would get expensive fast, when worn every day because the tube would get used up pretty fast when you have to apply it to your whole face and its goopy, thick and doesn't spread around very well.

Dawn C.
This is the real deal....worth the money!

How wonderful to finally find a primer that truly absorbs the oil in my t-zone and lasts most of the day. This primer can be worn alone, under or over makeup. I have been using it for about 6 weeks and it does not irritate my skin.

I apply this, VERY SPARINGLY, to my t-zone. I have not had any problems with it crumbling up on me. I actually use a $1 ELF foundation brush to tap it into my nose, forehead and chin and eyebrow area. It works immediately. You are left with a totally matte canvas to work with. Due to the cost, $36 for 1.35 ounces, I use different primer for the rest of my face. I don't need the matte finish on the rest of my face so this will last me a very long time.

I find that tapping or patting the primer into the skin works better than rubbing.

Don't use too much product or you may experience a slight goopy/tacky finish. As soon as you see the area you apply the primer go matte, stop applying it.

If you have dry skin, this is probably not the primer for you....Becca does have other formulations but I have not tried them.

This has been well worth the money for me. I got mine at Sephora after trying a sample for 1 week. I am so pleased with the results. As the weather gets cooler, I may not need to use it as much, I'll probably only use it for special occasions. I have been using it every day for the past 6 weeks and have not even put a dent in my tube.

Danuta J.

I have combo oily skin & am always looking for a primer that will keep my nose shine@bay. I only need a quarter sized amount of product for my face. The trick is to just use on your trouble areas. Warm the product between your fingers, pat onto skin until you see & feel instant mattification, apply makeup as normal. You can keep this primer with you throughout your day to just touch up oily zones over your makeup. It will not remove your makeup. This is the only primer I need.