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Blotting Powder Perfector


Leslie L.
It works

I really like this powder. I didn't know they had a tinted version. I have the translucent and it is not ashy on my skin at all- but I don't overdo it. Once you lightly apply the powder and work it in, it smooths the skin and mattifies it. I like it a lot.

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Abigail Y.

这款产品的定妆效果很棒,跑去电影院看了场电影再跑回家,我的底妆没有出现任何的问题。出了汗也没有影响到妆面。控油效果也不错,但也没有让我的皮肤感到干的紧绷。是一项值得购买的产品。 The makeup of this product is great, went to the cinema and ran the movie back home, my bottom makeup did not appear any problem. Khan also did not affect the makeup surface. Oil control is not bad, but it did not make my skin feel dry tight. Is a worth buying product.

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K W.

I bought the translucent powder. it does mattify when you first apply but it doesnt control the oil throughout the day. Ive taken two stars off because Ive realized that wherever I apply this (my tzone, especially nose) will have a lot of red bumps towards the end of the day. If i continue using the powder after the bumps occur, I usually get several pimples in the area. Dont recommend for sensitive skin or acne prone

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Jodi F.
Oily girls dream!!

This is the best “blotting powder” I’ve ised, it beats all the others I tried (Rev. stay matte, UD, TF, and Riri. I press it into my oily areas for touch ups with a travel kabuki brush and have used it as finishing powder. It doesn’t leave a white cast on my skin or a white powdery look like the riri one. It also comes in a padded zip to close case which fits the shimmering skin perfecters, those break so easy I use it for my highlighter when taking o e on the go.