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Total Pro Kit


Kendra P.

Love this sanitizer, what EVERY makeup artist needs in their kits. It's quick, it doesn't smell and it's great to spray between clients when a thorough deep clean is impractical. I love that it prevents bacterial growth, meaning an increase in the longevity of my products. Plus spraying products with the sanitizers is that youre less likely to spread germs!!! BUY THIS you will NOT regret it :)

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Trisha W.
Pro kit essential

As a MUA you constantly have to make sure you are diligent in keeping your makeup clean and sanitized. It's crucial to sanitize everything including your powder products to prevent the risk of infection. I love the Beauty so clean makeup sanitizer because it only takes 10 seconds to get cosmetics clean, bacteria-free, and safe—and the process won’t change the way a product works. I love being able to kill bacteria with a chemical free product as well. In regards to the brush cleaner it's not meant for deep cleaning. It's just for spot cleaning while you are working. Of course it's not going to take all the foundation off your brush...that requires a proper brush cleaning. But this will disinfect it and take a lot of the product off the brush. Works best if you use it before the product has dried into the brush hair and I use an old soft towel or a paper towel with it. Additionally it doesn't have a strong scent so it's appropriate for use on set.

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Amy Maria Y. Team
Must for any kit (pro or not!)

This product has saved me so much time between models/clients. Working as a make-up artist for fashion shows, the amount of time between models is mere seconds. Properly cleaning all make-up and brushes before your next model is in your chair was a daunting task. I used to have duplicates of all my brushes in my kit & assign cleaning to an assistant but with this product, I no longer needed to hire an extra person to help clean. The wipes are great for wiping down your palette knife/palettes.

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Raven D.
the truth about beautysoclean

dirty items get cleaned instantly I enjoy cleaning my makeup for sanitizing purposes and also the fact that I do my family's makeup sometimes who wants to wear a dirty lipstick right (no one right) I saw in a makeup store a makeup artist cleaning off a lipstick I had tried on and I wanted to buy the item she used the don't sell it I read on beautylish about this item and have brought ever since I love the product :)

Jann V.
Sanitized and shared

I LOVE this product. I feel so much better knowing my makeup is being respected. Will be a repeat purchase for sure!

Christa K.
Sanitizers are superb! The brush cleanser is extremely disappointing.

The sanitizer wipes and spray are amazing and were the main draw in buying this kit. The brush cleaner however removes little if any powder product residue from brushes. It is less effective than plain rubbing alcohol and it won't touch cream or liquid products. I removed one star for the cleanser as it's part of the kit, but had I purchased this individually I'd have given it one star and returned it.