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Gabby L.

All three of these are must haves in my opinion and when I saw that all three were available together I snatched them up! I love to use the pink beauty blender for all my liquid foundations and I'll use the pointed side to set under my eyes with a loose powder. The gray beauty blender is perfect for all my cream blushes and for blending out cream contour lines. I love using the small green one for concealer under my eyes. Since it's so small I can really get into small spaces to ensure that all darkness has been covered. I love them all. Wished that they would come out with different shapes. ...maybe with a flat edge to make baking with powder easier?

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Emily N.

I mean, it's the classic beauty blender in a pack of 3, what's not to love? Super great price and you're able to try 3 different sizes (plus the tiny one is SO CUTE). I use the large pink one for general blending of primer, foundation etc, the medium grey for baking/contour, and the tiny green one for concealer (it's also great for under eyes/tricky spots that a regular beauty blender can't reach). Only issue I have is that it doesn't come with a holder like the regular beauty blender so I'm just leaving it on my bathroom bench until I can think of a better solution. All in all though, beauty blenders are radical and if you can afford it, it's a super way of applying make up.

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Zoe K.
Great starter kit

If you want to try out the beautyblender as I did, this is a great kit to get you started. I don't find the microblender to be all that useful but love the pink for applying foundation and blending out contour, while the grey one is great for applying concealer. You must, must, MUST use them damp to get the best application. And I'm obsessed with the solid cleanser. I use it to clean my beautyblenders as well as my regular makeup brushes. The cleanser is way more powerful and easier to use than any other makeup cleaner I've every used.

M A.
Good deal

I prefer cream products due to dry skin, and I have been wanting to try the beautyblender (I'm really late on the bandwagon). The full face (pink) and blush (grey) sponges are both nice. I typically use an Artis brush for foundation/blush products, but it can emphasize dry flakes, which the sponge helps avoid. The green sponge is really small, and I find it a bit impractical to work with, but I'm throwing it into my travel toiletry kit where it might come in handy. I wouldn't repurchase it alone though. I bought egg cup holders off Amazon so to help them dry out and stay clean. In addition, I was (yet again) impressed with the fast turnaround, packaging, and customer service of Beautylish.

Madeleine V.
Love it!

Although the mini eye blended it almost too small, these 3 blenders are great! I love that I can use one for my face, then have a clean blender at the ready for concealer. Great to have the cleaner as I clean each blender after every use. :o)

Pare H.

love it cant complain about a beauty blender its amazing and leaves a flawless finish 👍🏼👍🏼

Heleana M.
Amazing !

Absolutely love this set ! Such a good deal , I had been wanting to try out the beauty blender for so long and saw this set and just had to have it ! So glad I bought it through Beautylish

Carrie  C.
Great little set!!!

I bought this set so I could keep the smaller blenders in my makeup bag that I keep in my purse. I really love these for any touch ups during the day or if I'm not wearing makeup and just need to conceal a bit really quickly. I used the Solid blender cleaner on my regular makeup brushes and it worked so well! I would for sure recommend this set for everyone!!!

Gabbie E.
love love love it

you could three Beauty blenders and the cleaning stuff. The cleaning soap I'm not a real big fan of cuz I prefer to use a mixture of olive oil and antibacterial soap in order to actually sanitize my beauty blender and it works great. But his package is basically three Beauty blenders in different sizes you got your basic original one a smaller great one and then the smallest one is great for under the eye areas in color correction. I'ma probably get another one cuz come on you can never have enough Beauty blenders