Bath & Body Works

Warm Vanilla Sugar


Julianne J.
One of the best Vanilla perfumes out there!

I've gotten the majority of my body sprays/perfumes from Bath and Body works, albeit many years ago, as a pree-teen. That being said I am sooo totally behind on their new lines and scents! But, Warm Vanilla Sugar is a classic, IMO. Growing up, so many of my fellow tweens loved the scent of vanilla. (Maybe I wanted something unique to stand out from the crowd). Its super duper girly, flirty, but also innocent. Its certainly not my favorite ever scent, for I prefer vanilla laced into other scents, but its great when you don't know what to spray or spritz. If you can't find your current faves, need a new one, or you're sick of whatever spray/perfume you're using, you can never go wrong with this vanilla scent. I think its one of the better vanilla scents out there.

There are so many cheaper versions out there, that smell cheaper. This doesn't smell chemical-y or cheap, it smells pretty much like what it says on the bottle. I've had mine for eons and it still smells great. This one is also great for the holiday season, as its scrumptious and a little sexy. Once sprayed it leaves a rich, but light smell. Its thankfully not too strong, nor does it induce a headache...which if I'm not careful the Chanel Allure perfume will. I got this in the fragrance mist, which comes in a cute, curvy plastic bottle. It was 12 bucks when I got it. My beloved and most favored scent, Mango Mandarin, is bottled in the same bottle as the picture above- its the perfume/parfum, not the fragrance spray/body mist. I also used to have a Mango Mandarin in the body spray bottle as well. Sadly, I'm unsure if they still make that scent. I'll have to do some snooping!

All in all, no matter if its the spray or the fragrance, Warm Vanilla Sugar is awesome, and Sensual Amber fragrance Mist, is even better, also by Bath and Body Works. :D

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Gina B.
just amazing!

i love this fragrance so much i got the perfume,the candle, the Antibacterial gel and the hand soap. i was given a lot of compliments while using it. For me, its a bath and body works must!

Celeste B.
Vanilla Heaven

This perfume makes me float on Cloud 9 ❤. The sweet yet soft fragrance of this perfume is ideal for everyday, night out, special occaasion, really anytime! It's my favorite perfume, my only SLIGHT dislike is that the smell doesn't seem to stay all day... it's like it evaporates after a few hours or something! But I guess that can easily be fixed with carrying the bottle around. :)

Sophie R.
Love it!! ❤

I love vanilla scent and this is one of my favs! I have almost all the bath and body works vanilla scents❤❤. The body shop vanilla scents smell amazing too and so does philosophy vanilla birthday cake!