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Bath & Body Works

Into the Wild Fragrance Mist


Emilie G.

SMELLS AMAZING! One of my favorite scents from Bath & Body works! Its def a summer/spring smell. And it seems to stay on you a lot longer than normal body mists! love!

Kaitlin J.
Fruity love!

This is my favorite scent to use in the spring and summer. It has a yummy fruit smell to it with a little undertone of some floral. This with the body lotion, and shower gel all used together makes the scent last all day long. Sad thing is if you only use the body spray it fades after an hour or so, at least on me. But I love this scent so that doesn't bother me as much!

Katie P.
smells so good!

I love this! I have it in the spray, body cream, lotion, and just received the body scrub! Using the spray with the body cream makes it last! Very tropical. The scent is amazing for summer!

Amanda R.
Something Out Of The Box!

I usually have sweet or fruity scents, but this is something so different. I love how it's more exotic then your typical body mist. It's definitely more a sensual scent in my collection.

Steph M.

i LOVE this scent. it smells exactly like a mix of floral and fruity but definitely more fruity. bath and body works keeps popping out amazing smells, and this one is definitely a refreshing good smell for summer. i highly suggest it, especially with the buy 2 get 1 free sale!!

Sarah D.
Smells amazing <3

I just got a bottle of this spray and I already LOVE it . It smells sort of fruity . . it smells amazing . I think its sort of tropical && you can tell its sort of musky , Its great for the summer !!! got get it ;D .

Chrisi P.

I lovee it!! I agree with Steph that it's a perfect mix of fruity, floral and slightly musky! When you spray it, it right away smells fruity/florally but after a while it begins to smell musky, similar to Secret Wonderland.