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Tutorials - Rocker Eye


Alli Rose G.
A Must Have!

I've had this set for almost 3 years now, it works wonders!! I think every girl who is somewhat serious about there makeup should have it. It has all the elements you need for a smokey eye look in one set. I love the shadow 1980s. When I apply it wet, it's this very pretty sterling silver type color. When applied dry and blended out, it's a very shimmery nude sandy brown type color. It's so versatile! The brush is very handy. Although the smudger end on mine is starting to shed terribly, but it's lived a long life for a brush in my opinion. I would by a new set just for the 1980s shadow and brush. The other colors are great, but I feel like you could find them anywhere.

Joy D.
I love this tutorial. Super sexy smokey eyes!

This is the best tutorial for smoky eyes in my opinion. I love the colors and the brush is awesome. I bought an extra kit in case I run out, or if it stops being made.

Lauren C.

i love the colors in this kit, i have been using this kit for a while now and i love it for when i really want to make my eyes pop...whenever i go out and want a nice smokey eye i love to use this

Jacqueline S.
The colors in this kit are amazing

There are three colors in this kit that are seriously SO perfect for that edgy rocker look. Also, the Metallic gray color is a really perfect silver color and doesn't have a hit of blue like lots of grays usually have. There is so much sparkle and shimmer its is really perfect for a night out. The Brush is really great quality also. the bristles are really stiff making it very easy to pack on the colors to your lid.