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Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss

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Delilah H.
Super good gloss!
Photo of product included with review by Delilah H.

I have to say I am in love with the color, I like pinky feminine lips. It makes your lips glossy, has the right amount of tint, and (I don't know about you but the smell is a big factor for me) it smells great! The applicator is like a normal lip gloss applicator, the design is simple and overall I love this!

Defiantly recommend to YOU!!

Julianne J.
Thought it was kinda meh, but its actually exceptional!

After a slightly disappointing BE haul (with a ton of samples thankfully) I wasn't super jazzed about this gloss and wore it rarely. Partly because I opt for lipsticks or liquid lip stains/color but when I'm doing a natural look its a balm/stain or gloss and this works great for that. I really like the NYX High Shine glosses for a natural look because they are really pigmented and creamy- but because of the cheaper ingredients- soak into your skin or evaporate. This gloss won't. It lasts for at least 2 plus hours, and when the glossiness subsides there is a little shimmer left behind. Its made with botanical oils so its moisturizing, slick, not super sticky or gummy, and will last much longer than a petroleum/mineral oil based gloss like the NYX ones. On the doefoot applicator it looks really pigmented but when spread on the lips thins out. It has more color payoff than most glosses, but not as much as a lippie, obvi. I really like to wear this over a lipliner or lippie and its SO glossy. Love the minty scent and feel, and Maverick is the perfect, brown-pink shade. It adds a lovely glow to my lips and looks great with a luminous complexion. I'd like to try more, but I'm not certain I would get one full size. I'm interested to know if the formula is the same as the Buxom ones, as they are part of the same company.

Becky H.

Very awesome lip gloss. I am not really a lip stick, lip gloss kind of girl, I usually just use chap stick but this thing is really nice. I got this in my ipsy bag and it's the best lip gloss I've ever used. It doesn't leave your lips all sticky feeling and I love minty feeling it has. Plus the shade I received couldn't have been more perfect for me.

Emily B.
Amazing every day lipwear!

I have naturally dark lips so I had a huge problem finding a lighter shade of lip colour I could wear everyday! The gloss itself is great, not too sticky and well pigmented. It also has cinnamon extract I think that makes your lips tingly and plums them up, which is awesome! A great buy and totally worth the money.

Sarah P.
Amazing! An Instant Fav!

This lip gloss is amazing! Not only is it the perfect peachy pink color for everyday use, the formula is fantastic as well. It's not goopy at all nor is it sticky! It has a nice smooth consistency and it maintains it's shine for a few hours as well. I'm not sure if other shades in the line has this perk, but this shade has cinnamon extract so it will make your lips tingle and plump up. Over all my favorite shade from the line. Goes perfect on top of every liner to tone down any bold shades. A must have!

Simone W.

Great nude lip for many skin tones, I would imagine. It's great on my pigmented lips. Stays on for a verrrrry long time and has a nice consistency. Not too tacky, not too thin...just right. If you're my age you will know what I'm talking about, the scent smells like that "cola" gummy candy back in the day. You know the one that was shaped like a soda bottle and was brown and whitish tan? It's crazy but you get used to it. Realllly like this gloss.

EDIT...I adore this gloss even more. About to buy another tube...hate that I missed it on sale for 40% off at ulta the other day. : ( Just realized it's minty feeling too. Pure awesomeness!

Nicole S.
Fantastic Lipgloss

I love how this gloss feels on my lips! It is very moisturizing and soothing. This lipgloss is perfect for the winter because I feel as though it protects your lips! The applicator is very well made and the bottle contains a lot of product.

Anna A.
A bit on the sticky side, and sheer

I have this shade in DareDevil. I saw this in action when michelle phan used it in her recent tutorial inspired by the Skyfall 007 movie. It looked super dark and vampy, I loved it! I still like it, but apparently it isn't as opaque as I thought it'd be. it has a tint of color to my already pigmented lips, but it is no way near the shade that is in the bottle nor on the applicator. Layering this gloss will only give you sticky lips, and if you apply it upon a lipstick or even lip pencil, it'll probably move, so I recommend to use it alone ONLY.