Bare Escentuals

Hydrating Mineral Veil


Lauren C.

i love this product...i have been using bare escentuals for probably 4 years now and i am so happy with the products i get from bare escentuals....i use this on my face every day after applying foundation and blush, i find myself to feel a full coverage and confident, i also feel that i am totally set for the day

Kirbie S.
Oh Dear!

*sigh* Bare Escentuals I had such high hopes for this! I got it and was so excited and ready to use it. So I put it on before I went out with my friend and she goes: "Wow, your face is really sparkly!" This is definitely not the affect I want, as I have very oily skin. So sure enough I go back to my house and look at the product and whaddya know?! It's packed with a pound of glitter! I was so disappointed. Now I have a bigger than regular sized amount of this just sitting around. Well, maybe next time. But this is definitely not a recommendation for someone with oily skin, like me.

Melanie G.
I like it more than the original!

The hydrating aspect of this mineral veil is very subtle, but I have noticed a slight difference between this mineral veil and the original formula (which I had been using previously). I feel like it is less drying on the face when I apply it (I have combo skin and get very dry around my chin), and the brush that came with it (I got the set) is nice as well. It also has a slight sparkle, which the original formula does not have. Overall, I love it and will repurchase it for sure!

Nancy-Lee C.
Great loose powder

So I'm thinking because I am so oily, I do not notice the 'hydrating' aspects of this veil. It feels the same as the traditional to me. Either way, I like it. It is a translucent loose powder that you can apply to bare skin, like I do or buff over your foundation to complete that airbrushed look. It does not have that sheen found in the original Bare Essentials foundation formula.

This is a very smooth powder, it is not silky because there is no talc but it is not heavy or scratchy either. It does not dry up around my blemishes and it combats oil and shine nicely. Since this is translucent, It never looks like I have caked on makeup, I just have nice smooth skin.

@ $19 it is a reasonable priced loose powder. I will buy again. xoxo