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bareMinerals SPF 25 Mineral Veil

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Alyssa F.
Fast, Great Coverage!

This is my number one sealer! No more powders that make your skin flaky and disgusting!! No more clogging your pores! No clogged pores!! It's not drying or flaky at all. You gotta try it!!

Heather C.
Never go without

I have never allowed myself to go completely out of this product. A little really does go along way with mineral veil. It gives you this flawless finish, and doesn't leave my face feeling dry or make my foundation look flaky or cakey like some other finishing powders can do to me.

jassy k.
Just do it

Stuff is amazing. It cleared my skin and not only was it good for my face but my eye area......for my eye shadow. I like how I can also use it without the other bare and mineral products. If I want to just wash and dry my face & not be too fancy I usually put this on only and it does enough. Helps my face no become oily

Angela V.

Again another great product from Bare Escentuals.. I love the mineral veil.. I put my bare minerals on and then to finish my look and set it I put the mineral veil on. It goes on flawlessly and it adds the protection of an spf. Its a wonderful product!! I LOVE IT!

Lauren C.

i love this product...i have been using bare escentuals for probably 4 years now and i am so happy with the products i get from bare escentuals....i use this on my face every day after applying foundation and blush, i find myself to feel a full coverage and confident, i also feel that i am totally set for the day

Porsha C.
good stuff
Photo of product included with review by Porsha C.

this is my favorite mineral veil because it has spf it keeps the shine away and sets my make up perfectly I also uses it on my kids because they don't like spf on their face

Lauren H.
Pulling the Veil Over Your Eyes

I have a good friend who LOVES everything Bare Escentuals. Maybe it's because I have oily/combination skin that's acne prone, but for a powder to be able to even out my skin tone while covering my imperfections- is shooting for the moon. I bought one of those handy travel sized version of Mineral Veil's twist and brush on guys (an impulse buy while waiting in line at Sephora), which is nice to have in my purse when I look like a hot mess leaving work. But, I don't use it. Bare Escentuals uses talc in their products, which is a no bueno for your skin in a big way. After a bit of reasoning and a chat with my friend in Sephora before she dove into another powdery purchase of the stuff, I came up with a pretty bold yet well placed conclusion about the stuff: Bare Escentuals became a big hit during the time when going green was an up-and-coming big thing as far as marketing strategies go. So, making a powder based, everything else free, product line would naturally be a big hit. Yeah, no parabens, etc. but it's not the best stuff out there if you're trying to go au natural/ mineral powder.

That may have sounded a bit harsh, but whatevz. Talc is a big deal, have a google on it and you're see what I mean. Or ask any sales rep. at Sephora or MAC, or where you go. A better mineral powder that actually does the job without talc? Korres Mineral Powder.

Hanah F.
Summer Glow + Extra Oomph of Sun Protection

I have a golden medium complexion; which is lovely because I don't need to go tanning during winter season (or any other season). However, that doesn't mean that I'm safe from the yucky UVA/UVB rays . . . thanks to BareMinerals Mineral Veil, a golden glow plus sun protection can now be achieved!

I always get the tinted one because I can use it as a light blush or an all-over face glow. It's non-comedogenic, doesn't clog your pores, works perfectly with the matte foundation.

Can be used alone or over BareMinerals foundation.

The only reason why I'm giving it 4.5 stars is because, it should be a little bit cheaper. Other than that, it's a product that works!

Stay radiant, all. Bling bling.

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