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bareMinerals SPF 15 Foundation


Meagan N.

This is hands-down my favorite mineral foundation. I've used it for a few years now and never have any problems with it. I sometimes use it with tinted moisturizer, liquid foundation, or just moisturizer, but it is plenty sufficient to use without anything else. While what I wear under or with my bareMinerals may change, the fact that I always use bareMinerals doesn't. Great coverage. Doesn't appear cakey. Perfect.

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Leonora W.
My Life Saver!!!
Photo of product included with review by Leonora W.

I got most makeup tips from my mom and my grandma. Their favorite foundation is Clinique. And even though I truly love the brand, the foundation was just too oily and left pretty good zits all over my face!!! So for a while I've been trying to stay away from any type of liquid foundation. On my birthday, my mom bought me bare minerals and at first I was kinda skeptical about this product covering all my dark blemishes. I tried it and for five months so far, this is the only foundation I use. Its good for oily skin, its not patchy, and it blends evenly, leaving my skin looking natural and soft. I totally recommend this product not just for people who have oily skin but for anyone.

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Laura W.
Tricky Stuff... Can be Great with a few Tips.

I received this as a gift and not knowing much about makeup did not help! I require more coverage to hide hyper-pigmentation on my skin.

At first I found that the amount of coverage I needed made my face look cakey and flaky.

But then I discovered that my lack of exfoliation is what was causing that flaky look.

This foundation definitely requires a pre-foundation routine of moisturizer and primer.

I have watched it applied to other people and seen an awesome transformation for light coverage.

You really have to have a very light hand when applying this foundation and make sure your skin is properly prepped. Slowly build up your coverage, because after a few minutes you will find that it changes and seems to melt into your skin. When you combine all those things this is a good foundation for anyone.

So if you have it in your makeup kit try one more time with those suggestions and see if you feel differently about it.

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Nikki Z.
Can't really go wrong

I have used Bare Minerals on myself as well as clients for a total of over 10 years and even though it's never the first foundation I reach for I know it will never go wrong. The coverage is medium at most but you really can build it as many times as you want without getting a gross cakey look. And it's amazing on your skin, no harsh chemicals or additives. But it won't cover any serious marks you want covered.

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Robert Ivan L.

The good thing about this foundation is that it melts into your skin, blends with your natural oils, and looks super natural. However it doesn't contain talc, so it's not gonna absorb oils as much. But you fix that by simply applying a powder on top.

I use this ontop of my fluid foundation for extra coverage.

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Nancy-Lee C.
If you're oily, buy the Matte instead

This looks shiny, almost pearlized when on, so if you're an oilier skin like me, this isn't the right formula for you, choose the Matte instead.

I had no issues with this product other then the shine. I was super stoked when the Matte version came out because I was having to top this with translucent powder.

I found it wore heave through the day, most likely due to the reapply in the afternoon to combat shine. It also made my pores more visible. The compact doesn't keep the product under the sifter, so as it moves in your makeup bag, it shakes it's way out into the cap.

It does what it says. A good product for a normal skin type

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Brittany Y.
Not a great match with Oily/Combo skin.

I started off with this when I was young and when my skin wasn't as oily as it is now. I loved it! I started to the Matte formula last year and recently got the Original formula for xmas and I must say I prefer the Matte formula. It is a few bucks more but it is worth it if you have oily skin. The Original formula now gives me an unwanted sheen. I plan on finishing out the rest of the Original and buy Matte and stick with it.

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Lauren C.

This foundation is perfect for my skin. I have sensitive skin and tend to break out very easily. This foundation lets your skin breathe, and looks so natural. This has buildable coverage. You can always add more for more coverage. I also feel it does not need touch ups throughout the day.

Chelsey C.

I have been using this foundation since I was 15 (when I first started wearing makeup) I have had pretty severe acne since i was about 12 and still have it in my early 20's and this is the best product I have ever tried. It covers nearly all my flaws without clogging my pores and making my skin even worse like all the liquid foundation does. This is the only product that can give me such great coverage besides liquid. Even though it says you can sleep in it I don't but it's the only thing that doesn't make my skin breakout and still makes me feel confident I think it's worth the price though I can't usually afford it, when I can, I buy it and always will

Madison H.

Perfect for all skin tones it is really hard to make this makeup look cakey on your skin! You just have to keep buffing and buffing with a kabuki brush! It leaves a matte finish and stays on all day but can rub off on the tip of your nose if you apply to much! It is a concealer and a foundation in one you just have to switch brushes, use a concealing brush and a foundation brush