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bareMinerals Lash Domination 10-In-1 Volumizing Mascara

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Stormie T.
some of the best mascara I've used!

I got a free sample bag when I ordered from ulta and this was inside the first time I used it I immediately fell inlove. I used the sample maybe three times before I decided I needed the full size, I have short lashes and this mascara works so much better then previous mascaras I've used I'd definitely say it some of the best mascara I've used.

Jess M.
Good not great

I love the build ability of this mascara. I can get tons of volume and decent length. I hate the curvature of the bristles in the brush. Theyre in a twisted pattern that leaves some Spots on the want bare. I really cant twist my hand properly to correctly apply it

Chloe T.

It's ok. I just got it for my b day wasn't completely satisfied I much rather would prefer ulta or urban decay. But over all not so bad if your eyelashes are short then try but if yours are long like mine I wouldn't waste money or time on it.

Mandy J.

I have tried a lot of mascaras and this one is the best one I have tried. It gives me the volume I want and it is a mascara I will repurchase

Karla S.
It's okay

I got a sample of this mascara when I purchased a bare minerals eye shadow duo, and it smudged on me so bad. It volumizes and lengthens my upper lashes but it smudged on my lower lashes. I have never had a problem with mascara smudging on me so I found it a bit weird. It's still a great mascara tho.

Martina T.

My fav mascara! I can't express how much I love it, it is worth the money I love it so much it last awhile too because you don't have to put tons of coats on. Separates lashes perfectly it's perfect only mascara I've seriously fell in love with

Danielle B.
Good mascara but could be better.

I got this as a free gift at Ulta when I bought my Bare Minerals Foundation. I do really like this mascara. It took me a little bit to get used to because I am used to mascaras with softer, flexible, dense bristles but now that I am used to it I like it. I did however stab myself in the eye while getting used to the brush and still do sometimes so if you aren't used to brushes with stiff bristles be careful, but you should definitely try it.

Caroline H.
Rotate the brush as you pull it through your lashes

My lashes are short and straight and just one coat of this mascara gives me what appears to be ten thousand long, fluttery lashes. I've read a number of bad to middling reviews of this mascara, and while I know mascara's performance is annoyingly individual and results vary based on a million factors, I have to wonder how they've been using the brush. I saw a video with a brand rep recommending that you rotate/spin the brush as you're pulling it through your lashes. That makes all the difference in the world, in my experience. The separation and length are to die for, the volume is nice and lacks clumps. I have a free sample and when it's gone I'll be buying the full size for sure. This ranks up there with my favorite Guerlain, Lancome, and Armani mascaras, so far.