Bare Escentuals

Flawless Definition Mascara

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Victoria D.
A Flawless Surprise!

Bare Escentuals is not a brand that I typically reach for when shopping for makeup. I've never really been a huge fan of any of their products. However I've been searching for a new mascara, and got a mini of this in a kit with about 10 different mascaras in it, and surprisingly, I was impressed! For me, this mascara does an amazing job of separating, lengthening, and gives just the right amount of volume as well. It doesn't clump on me, nor does it flake through out the day. I also find it extremely easy to work with when applying. The formula doesn't seem too dry, or too wet, or too thick. I'm very surprised and impressed with this mascara. I had to do a double take to make sure I was reading that it was definitely bare escentuals!

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Lynn M.
LOVE Love this!

I rarely rave about mascara's because most claims on the products don't work on me. But this mascara is the best for me. I curl my lashes and apply the mascara and the curl stays all day. It gives definition, length and volume to my lashes. Definitely a must-have in my makeup bag:)

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Emma U.
Really Nice

I absolutely love the brush! I like how it seperates. It didn't clump for me at all. I reccomened this mascara, it is one of my favorites. The formula is very slick and wet for a moment but it does dry in a reasonable amount of time.

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Jackie S.
Love this mascara!

I happened to get this mascara as a gift, and boy am I glad I did! This is by far my favorite mascara - I have another mascara from Bare Escentuals and it was my favorite before I tried this one.. but this one is even better!!! Separates, lengthens, doesn't clump, and doesn't smudge or run. Perfection! I wear this mascara every day but would also wear for going out! Very versatile.

Lily B.

Super good mascara! It's great for the tiny lashes at the corner of your eyes and it really does define every single one of your lashes. And it's really easy to take off :)

Derval B.

This is one of the best mascara i have encountered. There is absolutely no clumping and your lashes are lengthened without looking or feeling heavy. It provides superb lashes with a very natural finish.

Autum D.

This is a great mascara. It truly does add a lot of definition, as well as length. I love how the brush is skinny enough to reach the little tiny lashes of your eye which most mascaras can't do. There was a lot of seperation and made my lashes look really full, with no clumps. Definitely at the top of my list and will purchase again :)

Janet M.

This is a really good high end mascara. It definitely lengthens and darkens my eyelashes beautifully. There are many tiny and fine bristles on the wand and you could see that the product isn't clumping on it. The mascara coats every eyelash, even the tiny ones in the corners.

Renae L.

This is one of my fave mascaras...i used it with just my lashes and with fake lashes. It gave me length, it seperated my lashes and I never poked myself in the was nice using it on my lower lashes.

Lahini A.
Great Mascara that does not clump!

This is one of the few mascaras that I have used that does not clump! It's really lightweight and lasts all day. I don't feel goopy-eyed like I do with some other brands of mascara.