PERFECT WEAR Extralasting Lipstick

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Felicia S.
Love It!

This lipstick is amazing. It applies really nicely and doesn't flake at all. It lives up to its claim that it lasts long. Don't expect it to stay when you drink some coffee or anything, but it does have excellent staying power. I got it on sale for around $5, so the price is great for its quality! I like this even better than the Ultra color rich lipsticks.

Ellen C.
still searching

i love my lipsticks and for several years now have been in search of the ultimate stay on lipstick and have yet to find one that even remotley comes close to staying on .also staying on without drying lips ot or reapplying a gloss on top every 15 minutes.im not getting the good reviews on this product,and how it has any staying power at all?i take care of my lips and exfoliate,but im jst not getting it.i actually have 3 shades of thses lipsticks and there sitting in a pile with other brands of so called stay on lipstick.oh well the search continues.