Naturals Vanilla Shower Gel


Mary S.
So forgettable.

Avon Naturals Vanilla Shower Gel is a vanilla scented, creamy shower gel. It retails for $6 for 5 fl oz or $1 for a 2 fl oz travel size. Avon Naturals Vanilla scent is also available in Antibacterial Hand Soap and Gel, Body Lotion, Body Spray, and more. Packaging on the travel size is very practical. A small round bottle with flip top cap. I believe its been redesigned recently. I’m not a fan of the normal size Natural’s shower gel bottles, which are practical in their own right. Their bottles are hook shaped, meant to be hung over your shower head for easy storage. The reason I don’t like them is about two uses worth of soap gets stuck in the hook part, and is virtually impossible to get out, no matter how you lay the bottle. Naturals Vanilla is on the thicker side for a shower gel. It boarders on creamy actually. It feels silky on the skin and lathers much better than the more gel-like soaps by Naturals. I need about a half dime sized amount to wash my whole body, so a little goes a fairly long way. After rinsing my skin feels silky and a little moisturized. But this shower gel also leaves a bit of a residue or film. It could be I’m not rinsing thoroughly enough. I’m not a fan of the scent of this shower gel, or the scent or taste of vanilla in general, but this is one of my least favorite shower gel scents ever. Its just so…lackluster. Its not a sexy burnt vanilla smell, nor a warm, sweet, baked good vanilla smell, or even a cool creamy vanilla. Its just vanilla. Plain, barely there vanilla. The kind you barely notice and forget you have anything scented on. It also has absolutely not lasting power. Or is just so bland, I can’t notice it. This shower gel is, overall, just plain vanilla in both senses of the word. Vanilla is a good name for it. Its a predictable, safe choice compared to some of Avon Natural’s scents. I only recommend this if you’re looking for something without a heavy scent, or if you aren’t feeling frisky enough for a scent more bold, like Pomegranate & Mango. I recommend Blackberry & Vanilla as a happy medium between Vanilla and a bolder scent. I won’t be repurchasing this soap after I finish it, if I ever finish it. Its been hiding under my sink for quite a while, being its forgettable self.