Nail Experts UV Gloss Guard Top Coat


Shushoni C.

This is my go to top coat! I have been buying so many bottles of this stuff, I should buy stock in the company! I put I it on top of everything. Nice and thick with full crack free coverage. I have gone 2 weeks plus, before needing to redo my nails. Usually because of grow out, not chipping. I pit a coat on every few days if I want to keep it perfect. Most times I don't need to. Seriously, buy this stuff!

Madison J.
It actually works!

This product actually does what its made for! It "crackles" instantly. I have it on my toe nails, and finger nails right now. Unlike Sally Hansen, or any off brand crackle, this Avon one does not chip, it crackles as soon as you put it on, and lasts longer than any other mosiac polish I've used. The brush is nice and wide so you don't have to worrie about missing any parts of your nails! I have this in three diffrent colors, if there was more I would have it! Great polish!