Glimmersticks Waterproof Eye Liner


D C.
Stays put longer than other drugstore pencil liners, black shade is extra dark, glides easily.
Photo of product included with review by D C.

Long wearing 12 hr? - close to 6 - 8 hr (on me), comes in many shades. Easy to smudge before it sets. WILL smudge in very humid conditions/super oily lids. I would recommend using a waterproof eye makeup remover, this eyeliner is very tough to get off especially between the lashes (I would not suggest tight lining with this liner) so be careful when rubbing, you may lose some lashes. Good quality product for the price (got it on sale for about $3 a pop). Would repurchase.

Aubrey C.
My go-to liner.

I really like this stuff. I've always had trouble finding an eyeliner that stays put on my waterline. But after using this, I'm pretty much sold. It gives me a solid 6 hours of wear on my waterline and that is RIDICULOUS considering all other liners I've tried (and believe me I've tried a lot) can't even last for two hours. This liner though, goes on smoothly. It's a bit on the drier side, so its not gonna slip and slide and be the creamiest most glorious application. But it stays put. Trust me. And it's retractable! Uh, hello? Perfect eyeliner for someone as lazy as myself. :)

Jessica G.
Long lasting, no smudges

I realy ike this eyeliner. It gides on very smoothly. It lasts all day and does not smudge. They have quite a variety of colors. I have purple, black, brown and blue and I think it really gives an edge to my look. The only con is that it's very hard to take off. Sometimes I have to rub my eyes and it hurts a little.

Nicole T.

Quite honestly one of my most hated Avon products, and that's saying a lot since I hate almost everything Avon produces aside from fragrances, lotions, deodorants, and body wash. The only upside is that it's retractable. even after applying and letting dry, the liner runs down my lower lashes and looks horrid. Not water proof at all.