Clearskin's Pore Penetrating Invigorating Scrub


Natasha E.

I have a lot of products by Clearskin and I love them. This mask is awesome, is a facial astringent, I love as feel fresh and mint when I wash my face. My skin is oily, and everybody admire my skin after I'm using clearskin products.

Betsy N.
Hmm idk

It made my face tingly when I used this. It kind of also had a sting to it. It did smell okay minty but the line made me breakout. It was a waste of my money.

Lorraine C.

I bought this for the first time on Friday 2/09/11, on the night time I used the product to immediatly feel a tightening on my face, I then washed this off very quickly, about half an hour later my partner asked if I was ok because my face look funny, my daughter then said it looked as if i was having a stroke, when to the chemist next day and they said that I had a bad reaction to the product, family still not happy so went to the doctors who have also said that I have had a bad reaction, The doctors also found it very hard to read the information and what ingredients are in the product, this information should be made bigger or a least a leaflet given with the product. I think that this product is no good I have never had any other problems with any other products, already using other facial washes and scrubs from avon and no problems ever encountered, but as i say i did notice that as soon as this product was put on my face it felt different.