Anew Rejuvenate Revitalizing 2-in-1 Gel Cleanser

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Emily M.

My favorite skincare products are from the ANEW REJUVENATE line from Avon. Did you know that 90% of dermatologists say that the best way to prevent lines and wrinkles is to use anti-aging moisturizers everyday as young as possible?

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Vanya C.
my skin care regimen would not be complete without it

i love the way my skin feels after I rinse the product off. i love the micro beads that helps to form the rich lather. It cleanses down to the pores. I have combination skin and because of that gel cleansers work best for me. this would also be a great product for people with dry skin, but not for those with oily skin.

Consuelo A.

good price. Lathers well. Washes make up right off and leaves face compleatly clean. Felt too oily. Kinda left my face feeling a bit greasy. must get the whole line in order to get it's full afects

Josette S.
Great if you don't have sensitive skin!

I tried this in one of the 2 week Anew trial kits. I will say that as far as cleansing goes, it's a good cleanser. It takes your makeup off and lathers well. It has weird little microbeads in it that are supposed to burst while cleansing, but most of mine just washed straight off without bursting. If I didn't have sensitive skin I would give this more stars, but for me it was too heavily fragranced and I had an itchy/burny reaction to it. Definitely would not recommend for sensitive skin.

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