Advance Techniques Frizz Control Lotus Shield 3-Piece Haircare Collection


Heather L.
great products

great shampoo and conditioner as a hairdresser i know what its like to have frizzy unmanageble hair as i have natural curly frizzy hair i would recomend this prouduct to anyone that has frizzy hair it leaves you hair silky smooth shiney and manageble and fizz free for the hole day i have noticed a big diffrence as i have been using this proudut for about 5 months now and my hair is not as frizzy as it was 5 months ago, my hair is nearly frizz free thanks to this amazing prouducts so happy

Avon L.

I've always had frizzy hair with lots of "wires" and after using the Frizz Control shampoo & the Lotus Shield my hair is sooooo smooooooth! I use the Lotus Shield after every other hair washing and my hair is still smooth on the days I don't use it.

Consuelo A.

good price, leaves hair leaving smooth and none dry. Dosnt weigh down. Good for that natural EXTRA CURLY hair. I wake up every morning looking like I got electrecuted. But when I use this I do see a big difrence in the frizz in the mornings. Makes my hair a bit more managable. Down side: I have long hair so I must apply it evenly all threw out. The wait for it to come in from the time you order.