Skin Relief Body Wash


Raven N.

Okay. So to start let me just say that I have been itchy beyond description for about the last 5 or 6 years on mainly my legs. I am talking to the point of scratching myself until I bleed and had scratching scars all over my legs. It just came out of nowhere and the doctor just told me to do a process of elimination with all my products. I tried that for years and literally just learned to live with the suffering after trying every single soap/bodywash/lotion at the whole damn store. The only thing that helped was that really expensive lotion specifically for itchy skin. Until a couple months ago when I decided to buy this. And let me tell you, it saved me!! I love love LOVE this stuff and now it is all I buy. I have not itched since I started using it. It is soap free so maybe I am allergic to soap? Go figure, and I am not sure for a fact but I am a happy person when I can wear shorts in the summer because I don't have to hide my scratch marks!

Chris S.
I'm so glad I found this!

I recently switched to this body wash after years of using scented body wash and finding out that those could have been causing a lot of the problems I've had for years. My face tends to be oily but the rest of my body is very dry and sensitive. I also live in an area with very hard water, and that just makes my skin even worse. I always used to slather lotion all over myself after I got out of the shower because my skin felt so dry and tight, but since I started using this body wash I haven't had to do that anymore!

My skin feels so much more moisturized now, and some of my most irritated patches of skin have really calmed down after only 2 weeks of washing with this product. I tend to break out on my upper arms and shoulders, and I'm noticing a little bit less acne and irritation around those areas too.

This body wash smells sort of like oatmeal, but that's because it's made with oatmeal, not because there's an "oatmeal fragrance" added. It's not a bad scent but it's not amazing, either. I didn't like it at first but I definitely didn't mind it after it made my skin feel so much better! I'm really glad that I found this body wash because now I can look forward to healthier, happier skin!

Natalie C.
Winter Skin Never Felt This Good

During the winter months, this is the body wash I always head to because it leaves my skin moisturized. I love hot water in the winter, as awful as it is for my skin, but I can't help it. This product helps with my horrible habit during the winter. It also doesn't leave a residue which I LOVE! So many other moisturizing body washes are so thick & heavy it leaves a film that I can feel during and after a shower. Head for this one if you want a gentle moisturizing body wash that doesn't leave a residue. It's worth the extra dollars at the store for sure!

Elizabeth R.

This is my absolute favorite body wash! Since my boyfriend and I have dry skin, this skin relief body wash helps rejuvenate our skin a lot! There is no scent to it, unlike their regular body wash (which we sometimes use if we cannot find the skin relief one). Although it may be a little pricy compared to other body washes, if you have sensitive skin... it's well worth the bucks! Aveeno is my ultimate favorite brand when it comes to skincare.

Kristen C.
Sensitive skin saver

I use all kinds of high end products, but this is my body wash. My skin tends to be itchy and red, but this leaves it normal and never breaks me out. It won't irritate your sensitive lady bits, either. I love this.