Take the Heat Leave in Spray


Jeni D.
Excellent product to keep locks healthy

I've been using this product for a few weeks to see what it was like as i love Ausssie products. After spraying, my hair feels smoother and looks shiny. i love it and would buy this again. It does exactly what it says on the bottle. 5 stars!

Hasini J.
effective, but has side effects

The smell: Well, what can i say? Aussie is so far the best smelling hair product i've tried. It's like heaven... on holiday... :)

The consistency: Very watery. mostly a clear liquid but if you shake it a lot it may become white/frothy

The effectiveness: It protects very well and makes your hair smell fresh but it's really watery so it does dampen your hair and therefore using heat on damp hair may burn your hair slightly.

I've found better heat protectants, but the smell is just so great that it overrides any flaws. Plus it serves its purpose as a heat protectant.