Invisibands - Demi Wispies Black


Jess M.

Love these for special occasions! They loo natural enough to blend in but dramatic enough to add that kick to take your look to the next level. I've worn mine at least 5 times and they still look decent

Dinah D.

I love these lashes because they make your lashes look natural. You don't look like you're trying too hard if you wear these to work or school. What I like most about them is they also have an invisible band, so you don't have to wear liner if you don't feel like with them on.

Georgie M.
Lovely natural looking lashes!

These are my favourite type of lash as they give a fuller, longer look but still look pretty natural! I use these all the time. They make your eyes pop even when you are wearing just the lashes!

Zoe-Lou Å.
DEMI 102

These are the best lashes I've tried! I used them for prom tonight and they looked absolutely stunning. A few people commented. They blend with my natural lashes well and they're super easy to apply!

I'd definitely recommend them.

Erica H.

These are amazing for just a natural fuller longer look. They really look like they could be your real lashes. Ardell is really doing it in the lashes department. They are also perfect for a soft smokey (like the naked or naked 2 palettes)

Hulonda M.

Every woman should have a pair of these lashes on hand at all times. These are my go to lashes. I wear them everyday. These lashes will make your eyes pop even on those "no makep" days. Put them on and some lip gloss, and you're ready to go!

Kristin O.

I ADORE these lashes!!! They are my go-to lashes, I own several pairs and wear them almost on a daily basis. <3 These are perfect to wear with a soft smokey eye in nudes, neutrals and browns. These are also great for a Kim Kardashian-esque look.

Hayne P.

Super pretty! They look a little retro on my eyes, but they are natural-dramatic, not too much. They have the potential of overwhelming my eyes, so either I have to wear more dramatic eye makeup or create a crease on my eyelids to accommodate them. Smaller eyes may find these a little more on the dramatic side.

Jlee B.

I love using these for a day look! It adds a nice little touch to any look :) add it with a winged liner and it spices it up a bit.

Jamelle D.

These are my go to lashes I pretty much wear them everyday. They add just enough without looking like too much. The shape opens my eyes because they are very small. I usually pair with a winged eye.