Brow Sculpting Gel

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Julianne J.
Mostly Pro, maybe a Con or two

I've recently gotten more brow conscious over the past couple of months and grabbed a bunch of clear brow gels at one point, in a frenzy (even though they're all the same stuff, diff. brands). I was really digging this at first but have come to a few realizations:

Pros- Doesn't make my brows crusty and has nice hold- especially if you're going for that editorial, wild brow look. Although gross, having the gel get tinted with brow product lets me know that I've used it enough/somewhat. I think it almost has a bit of a pleasant scent as well. The packaging is cute and I like the brush, plus I got it hoping I'd like it because I trust Ardell lashes. If you overdraw/color in your brows, this will help tone it down. This also looks nice with bare brows.

Cons- It picks up my brow product resulting in making my filled in brows look a little patchy and taking away the intensity I just put in. I once had to go back and redraw what the gel took out- which kinda defeats the purpose as a brow gel is supposedly meant to lock in the color, not alter it. Lately I've been using theBalm's Nude Tude and the Lorac Pro for brow shades and decided to not use this gel for I feared it would alter the nice look I created with the shadows. I use it now from time to time, more on my bare brows, as opposed to how I used it a lot when I first got it, but I plan on tinkering with it until I get the right outcome I want. Maybe it will not take off the shadows like it took off my brow pencil.

All in all a good buy, despite the drawbacks.

Victoria D.
Inexpensive, not bad!

I needed a grow gel in a pinch, so I picked up this Ardell one at the drugstore. It holds my brows in place, but not exactly all day long. By the end of the day, they either need a touch up, or I'd better hope I can take off my makeup by then! However, it doesn't make my brows feel hard, or crusty like some gels do, so I like that. Sometimes the brush will pick up some of my brow color and transfer inside the tube. Mine is supposed to be clear, but it's turned the same color as my brow color, due to transferring color to the gel itself. But, it's not opaque, so it doesn't look horrid like some colored brow gels do, it looks the same as it did when it was clear! All in all it's not too bad, I'd repurchase if I couldn't find anything better!