Anna Sui

Color Powder


peppy g.
it doesn't cure ailments, but it sure makes me happy!

got mine at an Anna Sui event (i have the one in #008) and it's mainly two different colours of glitter: silver (the majority of it) and about 10% blue-ish. IDK which one is the one that changes colour under light, but i see a sort of pink-ish lavender, baby indigo, a VEEERRRYYYY very very light cerulean/cobalt sometimes.

so, i initially got this because i thought it would look nice as a nail glitter (i do store it in my nail polish treasure trove). but then i found that it's better to use when you're sad and whatnot: and you just put some on your limbs and watch them sparkle and you feel like a fairy and magical and a little better about yourself. and maybe even "special" (if you're into feeling that kind of thing). and if you don't mind getting it all over your sheets when you roll around in bed. hm.

i think you need a powder puff for this, tho. because if you just use your hands, it sticks (especially if it's humid and your hands are damp for some reason)—i'll try putting it on my nails when/if i feel like it (and find a way to apply it without wasting it).