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Anastasia Beverly Hills

Brow Ex-press


Alexa D.

Love this one. The best way how you can make your eyebrows look natural and beautiful. I use the darker one since im dark,but you have like 4 shablons for any type of eyebrow,this great powders,highlighter that makes your eyebrows look sexy and a wax cream to hold a perfect shape. Its great and i love it. If you want fabolous eyebrows,this is the right product!

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Michelle N.
Yay! Natural looking brow powder!

I have a bad habit of over tweezing...over waxing...over grooming my poor brows. It's gotten to a point where they became a little bit too thin for my liking, so I decided to invest in this product. The brow stencils are cute and work relatively well! I was pleasantly surprised to find that the brow powder itself was very natural looking and the color worked well for me. The golden high lighter is nothing like I've ever used before. I've been hunting high and low for that exact gold high lighter, but have not found anything that is like it exactly.

Why 4 stars instead of 5?? The gel in this pallet confused me. I was unsure if I should dip my brush into it and sweep it onto my brows, or use a qtip or something. When I opted to use my brush, it made my brush too stick and it was a bit difficult to clean off the brush, so I simply stopped using the gel.

Other than that, this is a great product investment! It's sort of like a sample, since you probably won't need to buy this exact same product again because you already have the stencils, you can just buy the powder refill or the pencil. Anastasia has my trust and confidence to do a great job with anyone's brows!

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Stephanie M.
Love it

I love my Anastasia Brow kit. I use it everyday, because it's very helpful with my thin (but growing back) eyebrows! and on days when I don't want to use too much, I simply use a little of the wax to lay down my eye brows.

MariaPaula S.
New FAVE product!!!

So, I got a gift card to Sephora for my bday & totally forgot about it until 2 weeks ago. I've been wanting to try out Anastasia products for a while & thought, "I should just get it now!!" I waited a week after I placed my order & FINALLY got it in the mail! YAY! It was pricey for a brow product, but once I tried it, I knew it was well worth the $38+tax. It came with 2 brow powders: a chocolate brown & a grey-ish brown, a highlighting cream, wax, a brow brush & 5 different stencils. I checked which stencil I match up with the most & it was the High Arch one. On the back of the packaging, it comes with instructions. Simple to use, but if you're going to use any of the stencils, it'll be difficult the first time. My boyfriend LOVED the new "shape" I guess.. He said they looked more natural for me. HA! For having the product for about 2 weeks now, I don't have to use the stencils anymore. Would I recommend others to purchase this?: If you're willing to shell out about $40, then DEFINITELY!! If not, I'd recommend getting the NYC Browser for about $4 at your local drugstore. Will I purchase this again?: I have already for my kit :]