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Jackie Aina Palette

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Veronica R.
Absolutely perfect

I LOVE this ABH palette. I had to get a backup, just in case it ever gets discontinued. The colors are rich, they blend beautifully, and the color story is unique. I can pull off so many different looks with this palette, and I never travel without it. Dwollars is a very special green/gold shade. This is just a truly special palette, and Jackie Aina knocked it out of the park.

Veronica R.
A masterpiece of a palette

I honestly didn't think I was going to love this palette like I do. I have a pretty extensive palette collection, and this is hands down one of my favorites. Every single color is special. They blend so beautifully, have fantastic pigment and the colors are soooo complimentary. I really hope this becomes a permanent ABH palette. You only need to lightly dip your brush in and you're on your way to a gorgeous eye look.

Laura D.
Great colors

This palette's colors lured me in. After scouring ingredients(talc makes my eyes red), i bought it and haven't stopped playing with it. The red shimmer is to die for; easy application too.

Shai E.
Buy this palette!

I absolutely love this palette. This is my first ABH palette and I am happy that I chose this. The colors are beautiful and I have been using it every day. Every color is so pigmented, but easy to work with. You can use this palette for day to night, neutral to colorful, EVERYTHING! If you're thinking about purchasing it, this is your sign: do it! :)

Alexandria T.

I feel like this palette was made just for my skin tone. The colors are thoughtful for POC and don't make me look ashy AF like other palettes with uncomplimentary shades. All the colors are creamy, super blendable, and extremely high pigmented. I legit use this on a daily.

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Helena K.
Absolutely Adore

Jackie, Jackie, Jackie Makeup Guru Definitely Hit lt Out The Park With This Pallet. I Absolutely LOVE All of The Colors. I Love How They Pop And Make Beautiful Looks.

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Doriana D.
Stunning & unique colors

I wasn't going to get this palette since I don't really need ANY more palettes, but I kept hearing the rave reviews and seeing this palette top many people's "best palette" lists and I was getting fomo when I saw that it was disappearing from many sites where it was being sold. Upon arrival, I swatched the shades that grabbed my attention first and am so pleased with their pigmentation and, for the shimmers, shine! I do not have a palette with these colors and am very happy to have this one.

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Vanessa G.

This palette is my very first ABH eyeshadow palette! I have seen so many great reviews on this palette too. When I opened and swatched these colors, I fell in love! I couldn't believe how buttery and pigmented these shades are. I can see me using these eyeshadows everyday! I am just learning how to keep up with the latest makeup trends and have a long way to go, but this palette just hits different for this girl! This is just a beautiful color story that Miss Jackie Aina put together!

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Haleigh M.
Fav ABH palette by far

I bought this & the Norvina palette thinking I would reach for Norvina opposed to this one. It turns out to be the opposite! This palette is sooo pigmented & has a beautiful color story. Every shade works beautifully together. I usually apply shimmers with my finger, but these work with either that or a brush. Don’t be like me and hesitate on this palette because honestly this is by far my favorite ABH palette I own and it doesn’t look similar compared to all of the other ones. Jackie really put thought into this palette to be suited for people POC and I think she did an excellent job.

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Nicole D.

When I first saw this palette over the Summer I knew I had to have it.....eventually. Just snagged it over the Black Friday sales & I love the sultry romantic vibe! This palette is absolutely GORGEOUS in person. I love all of the shades! The quality of the shadows are the best ABH has put out thus far & I’m not sure why I’ve seen mixed reviews. If you’re fair and need light transition shades just lightly dip into them! I was shocked to see some reviews complain about not having lighter shades. This palette wasn’t made for ppl with light skin, if you want something like that go buy one of the millions of other options. Anyway, I adore this palette and I’ve been using it for a week, there’s so many colors I’ve not touched yet! There’s so many different color combos I’m so in love!!!!!!

GET THIS PALETTE NOW! Jackie needs her own brand!!!

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