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Anastasia Beverly Hills

Glow Kit - Ultimate Glow


Karen H.

I was so excited to buy this kit because all the other Anastasia glow kits where so hyped up on how great they are. This is just a glittery mess is so chunky and A LOT of fall out. Totally not worth the $45 I was so disappointed.

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Was looking really forward to this palette, but I can't express how disappointed I was. Every single shade had GLITTER in. The 'Snow' shade was the only formulation that blended decently well and had MINIMAL glitter, though why any of shades had glitter in is beyond me. Totally HATE this kit.. the colors would be nice if the formula was smooth instead of having chunky glitter that looks awful. I cannot think of a single occasion I can wear this to. What a total waste of my $45 plus $9 (duties/taxes.

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Laura R.
Pretty dissapointed

This was my first glow kit, I've wanted to get one for so long as have heard nothing but great reviews for them, but it's tricky to get to the UK. So when I saw this arrive on beautylish I was SO excited and ordered it straight away. Unfortunately I've been so dissapointed with it, I really was expecting so much more. The shades are SO sheer and just seem so glittery compared to other (and relatively cheaper) highlighters. Just really dissapointed that something I've looked forward to for so long is such a let down, seems like such a waste of money :(

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Dinah G.
Not my favorite

I thought I would love this palette since I own three other glow kits but in my opinion the formula of this glow kit is not the same as her previously released glow kits. These are very glittery and sheer. I do not mind the sheer part for days I want a subtle glow but it is hard to enjoy when I see glitter on my face. I really wanted to love this but unfortunately I do not enjoy this product and regret paying so much for it. Really unhappy with the formula and hope she goes back to the regular glow kit formulas for future releases.

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Pernille K.

Even though my skin is very fair, I LOVE this palette! Yes, it is glitter, but I don't feel like it's in a bad way, since the color blends very well with the skin, so it's glittery, but not like you've put eyeshadow on your cheekbones. Snow is my absolute favorite, and people ask me all the time what band it is from. It's easy to control how much highlight you actually want, unlike some other brands.

Nurul S.

It's sooooo much prettier in real life than on photos! Love this palette. Got my mom hooked too. Hahaha!

Thanks beautylish for bringing this in! ❤

I waited to purchase this kit... but really glad it bought it!

Considering the negative reviews I waited to buy this kit. I tested it out when I saw it at Ulta however they were out of stock as most places. For the record my ride or die highlighter is Becca Topaz as I am an NC42 in MAC and it matches perfectly. I bought the Anastasia Glow kit in "that glow" which I use almost daily. Now please remember.. Anastasia is offering this kit as a holiday limited edition, which around the holidays I think we do tend to amp it up with sparkles and glitter!! she is just offering something NEW to the now vast field of highlighters!! I personally LOVE glitter so I am happy that there is a offering with extra dimension sparkle! It is just another fun item to add to your collection for the days that you really want to bling it up! The colors are lovely... bronzy and match most all skin colors... I am thrilled with this pallette and will be using frequently!

Mattew G.
Absolutely Lovely!!
Mattew G.'s Review Image

All colors work great with my skin tone! You can never have enough GLOW in your life!!! When is the next GLOW Kit going to be coming out; I'm ready for more!!!

Gabriela G.

Love it snow is the perdect shade to highlight my eyes inner corner. Highly recommend if you like more of an inner glow. More subtle than the other kits.

Elena P.
Love it
Elena P.'s Review Image

Amazing product love it esp with skin tone the gold shades are perfect for photos ,it s abit pricy but in the end worth it .