Obliphica Oil Treatment


Cortney S.
I don't say this lightly, but it's a miracle in a bottle.

I used this on my hair when it was WAY over due for a trim and it still worked wonders! Super nice for moisturizing and shine. All around hair health too. This is great to use on wet or dry hair. I especially recommend to those of us with dry or coarse hair but this will do great for anyone. If you have fine or oily hair then I recommend using just a bit at a time starting at your ends. My hair goes to my bottom and I still go by the DROP. Keep this in mind ladies and gents! :)

Heidi R.
Tottally awesome

I really love this product. It smells great and doesn't weigh my hair down. I just hate that its so darn expensive! Its like liquid gold! It is definitely worth every penny!

Jessica S.

best thing ever... i just spend 10 days at burning man and this stuff saved my hair after one application (after i finally washed my hair) - usually it takes my hair 3 - 4 washes after the playa's harsh conditions.... AWESOME

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Brittany R.
got a sample in my birchbox

& I really enjoyed it!! I put some on my hair while it was still wet before I dried it then after blow drying it looked so smooth & shiny!

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