American Apparel

Nail Lacquer


Elana S.
It was great before it went gross

I had this and i was truly in love. The light pinkiness really brought attention to my small dainty hands. Unfortunately, less than a month after i got it the color almost separated, the best way to explain this is oil and vinegar. This was a while back so they might have changed the formula, but this is my experience

Rafi S.

A year or two ago, I was searching for the perfect shade of grey nail polish. It wasn't trendy back then, so it was very hard to find. I'm also an American Apparel die hard, and so when I found that I discovered not only the perfect shade of grey nail polish, but nail polish by American Apparel, I melted.

It is a very smooth application. And though I did brush on a few coats, the same rich color that I could see through the bottle came out on my nail on the first layer. It lasted awhile without chipping too (like a month), though I should mention that I only paint my toes nails which tend to last longer.

I just brushed on two or three coats, and then brushed on a a topcoat ( try Revlon Nail Care Quick Dry Polish → ). Perfect.

I also bought the Hunter shade, which chipped away quicker (like a week) but provided a perfect rich coat while it lasted.

Jaime C.
Love these colors!!! Want to buy more.

These colors are great! I have Office (pastel, light blue), Hunter (hunter green), & Mount Royal (royal blue). Great smooth application, and cute, square packaging. Will definitely be purchasing more soon.