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Glow in the Dark Nail Polish


Frannie B.

I have every color of the glow in dark but all I need now is the moon one so im gonna buy it because its amazing and its vibrant towards me and some other people so thankyou for bringing this amazing vibrant nail polish out into the girls fashionly diva world thanks !

Linda D.
Wow... Just, WOW! I wish I could rate it higher!!

I was given Moon and Neptune for my birthday, so, I naturally tried it on. All of the Glow polish I've had in the past just put of a faint color in the dark, but with these, I felt like my nails were flashlights! This didn't chip for the longest time, and I just adore it! I WILL be getting more! Mine is almost used up!(My friends all begged me to try it. :)) This is the BEST polish ever! It's great for going to parties, and also just, well, anywhere! It's not too flashy in the light, so it's perfect to go around in.

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Shelly M.

I love glow in the dark nail polish.Dont own any myself.Its so neet I have lots of glow in the dark nail stickers,Ive tried some that a friend of mine owned it look so cool in the dark,I would like to try using gow in the dark nail polish with the glow in the dark stickies.

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Melissa J.

I'm a nail specialist in South Carolina never tried this nail polish but willing to try. Willing to accept free samples of all colors...Thank you. P.S. who sale the nail polish

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Christina L.

Awesome colors, bright and vibrant! They glowed beyond my eyelids closed.!thr top coat never cracked under pressure of the radiant sun nor chipped taking a violent blow from abroad...stayed on even after a week or two of raw fingerbreaking activity.

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Kc T.

I liked it but its not the greatest. I'm hard on my hands and I found it chipped and peeled fairly easy to other stuff I've tried. Glowed very well but I've definitely have used better quality glowing polish

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