Fade Cream for Normal Skin

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Myshel D.
No Progress

I was recommended this product by my dermatologist for my dark circles. I used it for about two months and got no results. This product did not work for me.

Calandra B.
Not our mother's Ambi!

I was terrified of Ambi for years because my older sister used it back in the 70's and she ended up having some skin discoloration from it. But last year I used it to clear up some dark spots I had noticed on my forehead, after reading rave reviews. It seems their formula has changed over the years. The spots cleared up after about 5 or 6 weeks. I had no side effects or discoloration. A word of caution - just apply a little bit, otherwise it will take forever to absorb it into your skin.

Princess H.
It works..

Have been using it for a few months now && I do notice a difference.. It's not a miracle worker, but if you use it twice a day, everyday, it will work.

Itesha M.

This works really good. Sometimes I get a dark spot after a pimple has reared it's ugly head. I use this on the spot for a week or two and it's like it was never there