EVEN & CLEAR Daily Moisturizer


Ashley L.

Pretty good. It's not the BEST moisturizer, my skin is very dry, so I wouldn't recommend it for that, but it does a pretty good job in the even tone.

Carline C.
Its ok

its not as good as it claims but its a good moisterizer, and it average, but does have spf 30 which is good because oily skin does not mix with florida heat

Leslie J.

I used this product for a week before I realized it was doing more harm than good! Instead of helping to fade away my spots or even out my skin, this cream made light and dry patches all over my face. My face began to peel and it became very dry. I discontinued use of this product immediately and wrote a review about on my blog ( I would not recommend this product and I also heard that Walmart no longer sells it.

Karen P.

Now that its summer this stays in my purse. It is a smooth moisturizer and doesn't make my face feel greasy or oily. Love that it has SPF in it plus its doesn't leave a white mask on your face like some moisturizer might do when it has SPF in them. A must have for my summer.