Wake-Up Makeup Powder foundation


Stephanie F.
a nice surprise

I was really taken aback when I first dabbed this on my face. It feels like a liquid but its a light powder...weirded me out at first. But I love the natural coverage. I also applied concealer first. And for once, all over coverage did not irritate my sensitive skin. I recommend to at least try it! ^_^

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Ashley S.
feels like liquid, very heavy

When you first apply this, it feels like a liquid. Very refreshing and cooling. But with coverage, I'm more of a lightweight medium-full coverage person. I feel like this is buildable coverage. However, after layers of building, it starts to feel very thick and heavy. The brush that comes with it sucks, too. Not something I'll repurchase.

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Amber E.
Light and Refreshing

I absolutely love this product, it evened out my skin tone and helped a bit with my dark circles. I apply my concealer first and use this powder all over, it looked amazing. Not only was this product light, it's quite refreshing and provides you with a natural look.

Olivia K.

Really good! I loved it but I hated shaking it out of that thing! When you get down to the last few uses it doesn't want to come out! I ended up cutting it just to get it to open! But it looked really great!!

Kim P.
omg this product is a no.

this product is basically a soft powder that feels like water on your skin, + glitter. it gave me no coverage, and no "lumious" finish. (im guessing thats what the purpose of the glitter was." i thought it looked somewhat cakey and dry on my skin. i'm really disappointed, but the brush this product came with was nice.