Smart Shade Makeup


Christina N.
Light and gets the job done

I saw my homegirl Sonia the YT review this product in her video and decided to try it out. I didnt really love or hate anything I tried from almay when it comes to drugstore makeup I usually gravitate towards the loreal or maybelline or cover girl. I like the lightness feel on my skin. Feels like you are putting moisturizer on. It comes out white but blends with ur skin. I like using my fingers better than a foundation brush. I think the warmth from my fingers helps it blend & doesnt streak like when I use a foundation brush.

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Jessie I.
not worth it

I bought this today, in the light shade. I hate it! It is more like a liquid bronzer and leaves a streaky mess on your face. I honestly will never use this except in the summertime when I need a "tan". 1 star.

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Tommi R.

This is seriously the best liquid foundation I have tried yet. I love how its not really thick and it doesn't clog your pores at all. Since my skin gets dry easily I like to mix it with my moisturizer and it gives me a wonderful coverage. If I am running late I skip concealer and it looks perfectly fine. I also love how no matter what it is going to be your color and it matches perfectly because that is what it was made to do! I would suggest this.

Sonia C.
Perfect for a quick makeup look on the run!

i recently posted a back to school look with this product and fell in love. I like the idea of smart makeup that adjusts to your skin color. Ive used something similar from another brand but it was too light. This foundation starts white and quickly adjusts to my skin perfectly!

Im a MAC NC35 and I picked up Almay in Medium 300

Sarita S.
Photo of product included with review by Sarita S.

I love this foundation! It's hypoallergenic. It has a very nice and soft satin finish. A light and natural coverage. I myself use it during day time and It has a 15 SPF. The feeling is like you are wearing nothing!

Emma S.
Thought it wouldn't work

This foundation is pretty light coverage but it's amazing. It comes out white and turns kind of orange on your skin at first. Then it somehow matches your skin color pretty closely. It's a great foundation but I just got tired of it.

Angelia K.
Love it.

I like how it blends to match my skin colour and I like the texture how it feels on my face. I would definitely use again. You can hardly tell that I'm wearing it even while hiding most of my imperfections!

Stacey G.

I don't like heavy foundations so I find that almays smart shade foundation to be so good for me! It gives me a good coverage without the valet look and really does adjust to my skin tone. I'm a medium shade and it comes out with like a grey color to it and then adjusts to my skin I use this foundation alot.

Kirbie S.
Kinda like a BB Cream

I've had this stuff for quite some time and I use it when I don't want full coverage! I think of this stuff kind of like a BB cream but a little heavier. Even though this foundation is still pretty light! I don't use it that often, but I wouldn't say that it's awful.

Emily S.

Thus far it's the best liquid foundation that I have found for my skin. I have really sensitive and sometimes dry skin and it doesn't clog my pores or make me break out. Sometimes it does leave slight streaks on my face. I've found that blending it in a little better with my fingers usually gets rid of any streaks. I use the light shade and it matched my skin tone perfectly.