Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover


Linda L.

Sorry to be so negative but this product is awful. I normally use the maybelline waterproof makeup remover so I thought I'd switch it up ... Bad idea. This makeup remover stung my eye so bad I don't even know if it actually works (removes makeup) it smells like nail polish remover and I almost felt like maybe this is how it would feel like if I were to use nail polish remover on my eyes? Idk but this product is horrible . It's supposed to be "gentle". Clearly it's not "gentle" at all. I will def be returning this product. It's not even worth passing on to a sister or friend I wouldn't want to be responsible for them burning their eyes out :/

Justine R.

(If I could give this product a negative 5 I would) Seriously, Angie A. has it about right, feels like acid on my face. I have super oily skin and eyelids and I have never experienced anything like this before. It's painful, makes my eyes super red and burns like crazy. I think it's actually making my under eye circles worse too. I only bought this product because I was at the drug store, and in need of eye make up remover. My St. Ives body lotion works better than this product at removing make up. I will NEVER buy Almay products again :/ Kate Hudson, good luck.

Angie A.

Almay must have subbed the oil out with ACID RAIN. Kidding. But seriously, this hurts. Really bad. It is the most stingy, painful eye makeup remover I've ever used, and I can't believe this even got past testing. My mother agrees. We stick to Neutrogena wipes these days.

Poppy T.
It doesn't work.

I grabbed this at the store a few months ago. I tried it once or twice and never touched it again. It stung my eyes so bad, I literally cried. It doesn't even take off my waterproof mascara. Waste of my $4, the Target brand makeup remover worked better.

Amanda L.
It's an improvement!

I recived a bottle of this makeup remover in a Christmas stocking one year. I was not thrilled. After my expiernece with the makeup remover pads, I had no confidence in this product what-so-ever.

Despite my previous expierence with Almay's makeup removers, I decided to give this a try after trying to rid my face of glitter one night, amazingly-it worked.

I will say that it's not the best at removing glitter or thick liner & masacara- the pads work much better for heavy duty makeup removal, but this doesn't leave behind an oily residue!

Would I reccomend it? No. It just doesn't take off makeup well enough for my need. But for somone who wears a minimal amount of makeup, this could be useful.