Pure Blends Makeup


Brittany L.
meh. Its alright I guess

Pro's + Matches my tone + cheap

Con's - Runny - A bit to Dewy for my skin - runs everywere in the container - very oily - changes skin tone colour Its an alright foundation I got mine from Harbor Town for $5.00 and I was like yeaah bonus. the first few weeks i used it. I loved it it was ferm , my perfect skin tone and was an ideal shape and size ( perfect for my handbag) then it became runny and dewy and changed tone of colour and ran everywhere in the container! ew

Drea L.

I will be saving this to use for the winter since it's a little bit too dewy for my oily skin - it's a little odd. The coverage is definitely light, but buildable to a light-medium. I mix this with my Revlon Colorstay light-active sometimes and I end up with very decent results. Not sure if I will buy this again, but I don't mind it being in my foundation collection.