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Alba Botanica

Natural Hawaiian Sunscreen SPF 45


A R.
Natural Sunscreen Worth The Buy👍☀️

I always favor a sunscreen that isn't chalk full of unpronounceable and possibly harmful ingredients. Especially considering sunscreen must be applied generously throughout the summer. The tube is on the small to medium size. Most likely, you would use several tubes in one hot summer. The SPF of this product is 45. This is not necessarily the best for a year-around dry and sunny climate. However, it is hard to find high SPF sunscreens while keeping with natural ingredients. This sunscreen is easy to massage in. It does not feel overly heavy or oily when applied. The fragrance is light and not unpleasant. It is a scent you would expect. Buy this product this summer. It will smell much better than any unnatural sunscreen. You won't be blocking the sun while exposing it to chemicals. You'll feel safe knowing it has ingredients you can trust. 🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞