Beauty Product Reviews

Make room for MORE!

I love this pallet because you can take out the center divider and fill it up with up to 20 eye shadows instead of 15 (depending on the size of the shadow) once I take out the divider, I depot my shadows (on youtube)... with the remaining MAC eye shadow pots- I save them for the Back to MAC program and I load up on lip sticks =) watch links below for help. How to depot a MAC Pallet How to depot MAC eye shadows

Very Surprised.

Made my first purchase of foundation at CVS this weekend and so far so good =) This foundation dries VERY quickly, what I like about that is, it helps with eye shadow creasing. I have normal skin but tend to look oily at times when using studio fix- this foundation does NOT have that same effect, which I love. I've only worn it twice, but so far I'm liking this cheaper alternative. The matte finish is also a plus for me.