Beauty Product Reviews

AWESOME, but little product for the price

I refused to buy this initially because I dont quite buy in to the whole Anastasia brand. I don't think her reputation for brows would translate to a good product because most celebrity endorsed products are terrible. But this thing is awesome! It looks SO natural and the tiny little brow tip is perfect for emulating real hairs! This is great for a natural look...only con is again its expensive for how little product is in there. If your brows are sparse and you have to draw a lot in then I could see you running through this very quickly

Clean, easy and great scent

Hands down, my favorite spot cleaner. MAC and Smashbox really don't make one that comes even moderately close. This really cleans your brushes when you're on the go, with minimal drying time and residue. It also leaves a nice clean citrusy scent :) Highly recommended and a good price as well