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I use this more leads to create a natural look umm I'll see this as a highlighter is very soft in the color I use it with the natural eye palette from too faced as well I love it and I do recommend it for a lot of people it doesn't quite work with all skin tones but is a very good highlighter.

One of the best

one of the best blush bronzer duo . well I love this it is very soft it is also very creamy so it does really apply well I also use this with a face primer and it works like magic if I love too faced cosmetics


another wonderful Too Faced ipalot umm the colors are vibrant. it applies well it's very soft and it doesn't feel heavy and it also comes with a free sample mascara which works wonders is well it gives the last row you you can definitely feel the difference. I am very big fan of too faced Eye pallets. although they are on the expensive side I feel they are worth it completely I recommend this very highly recommend this

Beauty blenders are amazing

beauty blenders are I feel the bass beauty works really great when it is damp I go to know other type of sponge thing for your face but this um others have been asking me to try some other type of beauty blenders but this I feel is the best out there right now um you should get it I highly recommend it

Lost of words

this mascara give me life! I use no other but this one. it is just the best mascara I feel in benefit Cosmetics it's better than the Mac one is better than Sephora it's better than all of the other makeup brands this is the one to go to. the madness all started when I got a birthday gift from Sephora they sent me this and immediately after trying it I didn't even wait till I finished the sample I ordered it right away. you will definitely receive the value in your lashes with this mascara there's no need for fake lashes wow there's Benefit Cosmetics . the title in itself is just amazing "They're Real" if you do not have this mess Keira you need to go buy it like right now. you can go to either way you just need this mascara. what are you waiting for?


this is the best type of primer there is I go to no other primer but two faced. it is so amazing it works it just completes your look. my makeup stays on longer are also use the eyelid primer and the lip primer and they both work amazing as well I do suggest it to everyone. it is also on the expensive side but it is also worth it.

I love all the naked eye pallets

my my my where do I begin this palette is the best ever along with the Naked2. the colors are so vibrant it applies well it is just amazing. some say it is on the bit of the expensive side but I feel is worth it if you want to complete your look and your makeup look amazing I think you should get this.

To go to eye pallet

I love this eye pallet it is vey natural tk me I can create a brown smokey eye which is my favorite. the colors apply well you get that natural look and I think it is a very very very great I pallet and I suggested to everyone

one of the best nudes

I have searched and searched for a goo nude lipstick and myth is kne of the best. it applies lile silk ln my lips. I do recommend it to everyone. I think it works kn certain skin tones such as mine. If you feel this is.not your color simply contact a.Mac store through live chat of just head in to one and they will give you the perfect Nude. xoxo

MM collection

when I got the Marilyn Monroe collection I had to get this. this color was calling my name ! it is like a fuchsia but has an undertone of red. isn't available any longer. but Iove it .

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