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Very pigmented & beautiful!

Makes a beautiful inner corner highlight or cool effect if you want to use it for a design on the rest of the face! :) Does tend to crease if used on the eyelids, but you'll most likely have better luck if your eyes are dry. But I pretty much can't live without this, very easy way to make your eyes POP.

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New Favorite!

This was my first Illamasqua lipstick purchase. It was the very last one so I figured it was probably fate that I buy it! It's a really lovely, true red. I usually don't like this bright of a red, but it's very neutral. Not too cool, not too orange either. It's perfectly in between. I'm very fair skin and this shade really compliments it! I love matte lipsticks so this is just an all around perfect lipstick for me.

Absolutely amazing!

I cannot even explain how much I love this lipgloss. It's extremely comfortable-I'm really picky when it comes to gloss! Not sticky at all, but lasts a good while. Since the color is so intense, it's easier to use a lipbrush to get a nice, even, opaque color application. I feel so daring when I wear this, I love it. You can even apply it thinly and it gives a nice tint of purple, but if you apply it thickly it gives a full blast of a vibrant grape color. Completely recommend! I want all of them.