Christianna B.

Im just hoping that through doing makeup i help people discover the beauty within themselves <3

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About Me

My name is Christy. 17 years old. I reside in South Jersey. Im not a makeup artist (yet!) but i do makeup for proms, weddings, ect. makeup is my passion. i collect it and love it. i am genuinely a nice person and i would love to answer questions anyone has for me or give some advice.

Eye Color: Brown
Complexion: Tan
Undertone: Warm
Skin Type: Combination
Hair Color: Black
Hair Texture: Normal
Birthday: April 09
Age: 27


If you need to contact me for questions or anything my email adress is and make the subject beautylish or youtube.


Do you travel to do make up?- i am only 17 and on a budget so i cant travel far but i can get anywhere in new jersey.
When did you start doing makeup for people?- ever since 7th grade i did it for fun but starting this year people have been paying me to do it.
How old are you?- i am 17 years old.
Does your ppiercing get in the way of doing your makeup?- this question always makes me laugh, no it does not get in the way.
Why havent you uploaded any videos on youtube?- Frankly, i dont think i will get views and i really just dont know how to get started.
What drives your passion for makeup?- growing up as i teenager i have a bad self esteem so when i started playing with makeup i felt beautiful and now i realize im beautiful on the inside and outside even without the makeup.
Why do you do makeup for other people?- i do it because i love it. i like helping people realize their beautiful on the outside AND inside.