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Beauty Product Reviews

Wow I love this curler thank you billy b!

This is best eyelash curler I've used. I was recently using the tarte before I received this one and I must say it is a billon times better than the tarte for me. I'm amazed at how much better this one works. It actually curls my lashes something that I'm not use to and wasn't aware how much my lashes could curl. My first impression when I opened the package was "eh this doesn't seem like it going to work it doesn't seem or look any different than a cheap brand curler" and " man I wish it would have come with an extra pad" lol. Oh boy was I wrong, about the curling part that is. It amazing! Sooo I recommend this product 110%!


I always use this its a must have!! Its very silky and smooth but not greasy. It helps when applying foundations.. It's an overall great product! So happy I found this!

great quality

I love these brushes they are so soft and cute!! They work very well and are easy to clean and their animal friendly!! The bristles dont fall out they are very well made... The handles are so smooth to touch... what I love the most is you get 5 brushes and a makeup bag for a great deal!!

Creamy balance

I love this primer!!! It doesn't dry out or dry out your skin, but its not oily either just the right balance... Its very creamy, not at all hard to apply like some primers... It doesn't crease its long lasting... It makes your makeup and their colors continue to look vibrant and gorgeous.... I do love the tube it comes in cause it doesn't cause you to "spill" to much out.... Its a great investment for your makeup and shadows!!!