Beauty Product Reviews

I've been having this eyeliner for a few months and it does dry matte, but it looks more let's say sleek but in a good way.. like very clean.. Also the pigments is very black super dark black it's really nice I love it! ANd one more thing.. It doesn't transfer anywhere not even on your lid unless of course you mess with your eye.. But it's really good lasts all day without smudging or any of that crap!!:D Recommend for oily eyelids and dry eyelids!:3

It is very pricey, but it lasts for a very long time and it's of great quality just one litlle drop on each eye will do the trick and the eyeshadows grasp onto your eyelid more and no creasing maybe fine vbery fine lines will develop by the end of the day, but no one wwill notivce trust me!:D

I have the mil eyeshadown and my eyeshadows i put over it come out very bright and it makes the coors even more brighter.. and i only wear it for a few hours.. and it doesn't crease at all and i dont wear primer whenever i use cream eyeshadows.. i dunno about wearing it all day.. but it's reall good for a good price