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Where has this been all my life?

I'm actually mad at myself for not discovering this earlier. This is crack for us oily skin girls. AMAZING setting powder for the under eyes and for "baking". I've always had trouble with fine lines under my eyes and this doesn't enhance any lines and sets my concealer like a dream. This leaves my skin with a demi matte/satin finish which is great cause sometimes matte powders can make you look really flat and looks too powdery. I love using this with my beauty blender. Totally recommend to everyone!

Best foundation for us oily girls

This is seriously my holy grail foundation. I have extremely oily skin that I usually would have to blot my face 2-3 hours after make up application. I find using this with Smashbox primer helps control my oil and keeps me matte for HOURS. The coverage is medium to full coverage and it is SUPER easy to blend out. Works great with a sponge or a brush. For a more flawless look I like using a sponge. Does not transfer so it's great. Feels like on the skin unlike the Revlon Colorstay (which can feel super cakey after a few hours).


Hormonal break outs are such a pain so whenever I feel a pimple coming I use this as a spot treatment over night and it's completely gone by morning. Helps dry out any blemishes on the face and leaves skin feeling fresh and clean.

Why didn't I discover this earlier?!

The BEST thing I discovered in 2014. I have oily, acne prone skin and this does wonders for me. It's a great moisturizer that hydrates but does not feel heavy at all. Absorbs into the skin really fast without feeling oily or sticky. I use this day and night. Using this during the day I notice it really helps control my oil and keeps my make up looking matte longer. Paired with Smashbox Blemish control primer it is heaven!

Great for wanting to lighten brows. I recently went all over blonde so I needed to lighten my brows to some what coordinate with my hair color. Picked this up at Bartell Drugs for about $10. Tried it that night and I was able to lift my black eye brows to about two shades lighter. Makes a HUGE difference. Very easy to use. I left the bleach on for about 5-10 mins. I have very sensitive skin so this did not irritate at all. My skin was a little red after but went away after an hour. Great product and will use again!

Everyone should know that there is no product that completely eliminates oil. You can only use products to help. I've tried many high end products and I must say this small, inexpensive product has pretty much out did my other products. It really helps me control my oil. My t zone gets extremely shiny and oily about 2-3 hrs after applying and after using this it has given me an extra hour or two (depending what I am doing) of matte skin. I still get dewy around my nose but its better than looking like a frying pan. This didn't clog my pores so that's a plus. Just wish the bottle was a bit bigger.

Still has an odor

Considering the Jergen's natural glow has been around for a while I was pretty excited when their "new formula" came out. It says on the bottle "no odor" but it still has the spray tan smell. It is very light considering the old formula smell was very strong. I do notice my skin feeling a lot softer. As for firmness I haven't used it long enough to notice any difference. I have really sensitive skin so I was pretty excited to see that my face did not break out from using this. I have been applying this on before putting on my make up and I notice my make up looking a lot smoother.

Color pay off is still amazing. It doesn't appear orange at all. Very natural.

Great for on the go

This literally gives me that "I just woke up" bed head look. What I do to achieve the style I want is curl my hair in big sections just really quick with a 1 1/4 curling iron or even a 1 inch iron and once my curls have set I run my fingers through the curls to break it all up then spray the Apres Beach upward then scrunch it. Keeps the curls tousled and messy.

I am a sucker for nail polish so when I saw that my local H&M carried nail polish I went and got three bottles without evening knowing if they were good or not. Not to mention I think the packaging is pretty sleek. Simple. Anyway I was really impressed at how pigmented the polishes were. Depending on the color you can even get away with one coat. I used Nerd and two coats was good enough for me. With a good base and top coat the color lasted me up to a week. Not bad for $5 polish.

Warning the handle is a bit weird. Its attached to the cap so at times it makes it hard to paint.

Gorgeous body & volume

I have very THICK coarse Asian hair so finding a product that is going to give me volume and that won't weigh my hair down is HARD! Working at a hair salon I get to personally try out products before purchasing so that's nice. I had a stylist use this in my hair one day for just a blow out and my hair felt and looked amazing. Lifted my roots for just the perfect amount of volume and after I curled my hair I noticed how bouncy, shiny, & voluminous the curls were.

For salon quality at home all you need is a hair clap and a round brush. The bigger the better. Spray the product at the roots and be careful because a little goes a long way. Also spray a few the ends of your hair. Blow dry like usual and when you get to the crown of your hair use the round brush to create lots of volume at the top. Also another way is to use velcro rollers. Blow dry the hair like normal and when your hair has cooled down pop those rollers in. Gives you a salon quality blow out.

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