Beauty Product Reviews

Needs improvement, don't waste your money

I've been wanting to try a pen style for awhile. I found this one on sale near me so decided to go for it. Big mistake. The brush tip is very long, which makes it a bit hard to control. The very tip of the brush is also a bit dry. But I'm attributing that to how it's packaged. I store it (capped) with the point down and that seems to help a bit. It's not very long wearing. It is also not waterproof. It smudges very very easily. Within two hours what started off as a crisp, slightly winged, line became a smudgy mess and I was left looking a bit raccoon-ish. I have very oily skin, but even freshly washed with primer it still smudged far too quickly for my liking. Beyond that, it was nice and dark. Once I got the tip inked, it went on nice and easy. All in all, its ok, but for almost $8 each where I live...not really worth it.