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Jan 18, 2011

Victoria S.

Hi Jessi! So glad to see you on Beautylish! I definitely agree about your philosophy on's the one thing that pops for sure! <3 xoxo

Jessi M.

Location: Detroit

Makeup shouldn't go unnoticed. Unless you think fuschia is a natural lid color

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About Me

I have a Ph.D., studying the effects of media on individuals and society at both a social and psychological level.

I love using and reading about all things technology and the scientific. My mind and perspective operates at an artistic level, but rationally my pessimism suspends me between this world of creativity and logic. This is why I love the word juxtaposition, and why also at the same time I cannot bring myself to use the word in a sentence without laughing.

I run. I drink red wine. I draw. I was recently told that APA format encourages only ONE space after a period, and I find that disturbing.

And finally, I love all things beauty and makeup. I see it artistically, and worn as an accessory, makeup for me is a form of expression.

Besides my website below (which has my academic information, as well as my paper art, food art, and eye art), you can also follow me on Tumbler:

Eye Color: Green
Complexion: Medium
Skin Type: Combination
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Texture: Normal



I'm fairly recent into makeup. I should rephrase actually...I've always been attracted to bold, dark eye makeup, which is what I exclusively wore for years. Little by little I became more brave, opting for a deep red lip with a light eye in leu of my typical smokey eye and Carmex chapstick.

One thing has remained consistent: I do not, and have never, worn makeup with the intention of looking like I'm not wearing makeup. If I wear it, I go balls out theatrical. I want bold, I want my makeup to be the jewelry I do not wear, or the colorful outfits that my closet lacks. My style, my apartment, my life is minimal and modern, and I see my makeup as flair, the pop of personality that one may typically radiate through other means of expression.