Beauty Product Reviews


I've tried many concealers and this is my favorite one! It stays on all day, unlike all the others I've used which normally fade after the 5hr mark. The coverage is great as well as the blend ability. And the best part is, it doesn't settle in those fine lines at all. Love love love this product.


Why oh why did I wait so long to try Sugarpill?!?! Their eyeshadows are amazingly pigmented and you get so much product for your money. Poison Plum is thee most perfect purple eyeshadow. Its everything I wish mac vibrant grape was.


I was never a big fan of sponges. In fact, I always thought they were kind of gross. That is until I tried the beauty blender. Words can't even describe how amazing this little guy is. It applies my makeup flawlessly every time and I use less foundation! I also feel like my makeup stays on longer when I use my beauty blender. I recently lost my beauty blender and had to go 2 whole days without it! Those were the worst 2 days ever. I will never use a brush to apply foundation EVER again. I also ordered some more beauty blenders to ensure I NEVER loose mine again ;)